Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips For Long Lasting Marriage

--  Continue to build intimacy — both sexually and emotionally — throughout your marriage.
--  Create passion for life and for one another.
--  Forgive one another. Don’t hang on to past baggage and past hurts. Be willing to let go and to move forward with your           lives.
--  Continue to be committed to each other and celebrate your sense of commitment.
--  Like one another and be friends with each other.
--  Have fun together, laugh together, and use humor in healthy ways.
--  Comfort, encourage, and affirm one another.
--  Be able to stand on your own feet as a couple and not be dependent either financially or emotionally on either of              your  parents.         
--  Respect one another’s need for privacy and space.
--  Parent together.
--  Deal with a crisis and adversity together.
--  Fight fair.
--  Accept your differences and don’t try to change your spouse.
--  Keep romance alive in your marriage

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